Transformation of Suffering (e-Book)


Transformation of Suffering presents a very precise teaching on the nature o samsara and nirvana.
Included are detailed chapters on suffering and bodhicitta as well as effective methods ot purification and bodhicitta practice.

This is the electronic version of the original hardcopy book (e-Book). The hardcopy version can be found here.

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Excerpt from book: "Human beings have the ability to cultivate virtue and dispel ignorance. Precisely because of this inborn potential for enlightenment, humans can liberate themselves from suffering and all its causes Therefore we should always rejoice at our good fortune to learn about suffering and how to be free from it."

"Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche shares teachings from an unbroken lineage in the language of the current time and in answer to the call of lay practitioners evervwhere. For this we are grateful. As a refreshing spring assuages deep thirst so does dharma assuage the longing for freedom that arises as we see the nature of mortality. These Dharma teachings satisfy the practitioner who has access to the lama and those for whom the lama lives afar."

- Venerable Dhyani Yuraboo from the forward.