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All items listed below are provided free-of-charge with one exception: The Treasury of All Blessing – hardcopy, which will have shipping charges; the electronic/PDF version of this sadhana is available at no-cost.

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How to Handle Difficulties
A Teaching by Khenchen Kongchog Gyaltshen
“Everyone has love; even animals and insects love their offspring at birth. There is immediate love when birds hatch their eggs, for example. We need to know the meaning love and develop from this; extend the love to all others, not just to one or two individuals. With wisdom, we know how to practice love. Love is the universal way to bring peace and happiness. This isn’t a religion, not a matter of whether we believe it or not. Anyone can practice this. In the family, in the city, country, in the world–love is universal.”
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Free Book for Monks and Nuns
Khenpo Tsultrim has prepared a book of instruction titled, “Dealing with Monastic Precepts.”  Thanks to a kind donor, this book is available without charge to anyone who is already ordained in a Buddhist tradition; we ask however that requesters pay for shipping. The book is publsihed in English and designed in three parts: Nagarjuna’s Verses for a Noble Mula-Sarvastivadin Monk, accompanied by Khenpo’s explanation; Chapter 3 of Jigten Sumgon’s Gong Chig with Khenpo’s commentary; a life story of the Buddha’s son Rahula, who is widely regarded as being the first novice monk and is a continuing inspiration for them.
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